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Time to Get Organized

Today we bring you our final installment in our month-long Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed doing these challenges as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you… To recap, this month we’ve tackled lists, ABC, conversations, fairy tales, compare & contrast, show & tell, letter, interview, stream of consciousness, by the numbers, […]

You’re going to LOL

If there’s ever been a journaling prompt likely to apply to nearly every active participant in an online community, it’s the one we tackled this week. Weekly Challenge #8 poses the question: How has your daily life changed because of the Internet? And though no two layouts are exactly alike, it’s amazing how much we […]

Could You Repeat That, Please?

We’ve nearly reached the end of February and that means we have just a couple more installments of our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. Today we’ll play around with a little technique that I think you’ll want to repeat once you get the hang of it… Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #13 They say there’s no sense […]

Story Board~2.24.10

This week’s Story Board is brought to you by February Calendar Girl Jen DeLorenzo. You’ll notice a theme to the pages she tracked down from our neighboring galleries… everyday things that make us happy! This layout by Heidi Glibota really stood out to me.  The design of the overly stuffed folders really gives it dimension.  […]

Give Them the Inside Scoop

Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge continues today with a journaling method that can really help you tell the behind-the-scenes details of the stories you scrapbook. Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #12 Your challenge today is to tell your story through play-by-play commentary. On the surface, this is simply telling the story of what is happening in […]

It All Points to This

Today marks the beginning of the last scheduled week in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. When I started this series, I made a deal with myself … I would play along with the challenges and make sure that I wasn’t asking anyone to do something I couldn’t do myself in order to earn our special […]

It All Adds Up

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered putting together our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge, it’s how much fun it is to see how many different ways scrapbookers can interpret and use each one of the 14 journaling methods presented. So far we’ve tackled nine different types of journaling … 1. lists, 2. ABC, 3. conversational, 4. […]

Making It Work for You

Believe it or not, we’re already nearing the end of Week #7 in our Logbook Weekly Challenge series, this week responding to the prompt: “Who is your favorite person in the world?” By design, the Memory Logbook caters to individual needs by providing a variety of variations on each week’s prompt. This week is no […]

What Were You Thinking?

With a goal of 14 challenges in 28 days, there’s no time to waste! So ready or not, today we move on with yet another Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge topic. Today we’re going to tackle a method that’s a bit less commonly used, but when executed well, really gets to the heart of “real life” […]

Story Board~2.17.10

This week’s Story Board includes a little bit of everything in the way of real life scrapbooking inspiration, ranging from the personal and poetic to just plain adorable. Check out our fun finds this week from our neighboring galleries… The captivating photo and cool titlework in “4 Eyes” by junebug caught my attention as soon […]