Playing by the Rules

It seems like we all have fond memories of at least one childhood game. Sometimes we don’t recall how the game started, and as adults, the rules may seem a bit strange. But something about that early experience sticks with us and creates a story we want to share with others and if possible, replicate for our own children.

Such is the story behind today’s Layout of the Week. “How to Play” by Jackie Doremus, aka tettletop20, tells the story of “The Thimble Game” played by Jackie and her two sisters. I chose to feature this layout for a couple reasons – first, I like the way Jackie modeled her design after a typical board game’s rules. But even more, I love that she told the story of the game’s past, as well as her hopes for its future. Read her journaling for yourself…

"How to Play" by tettletop20

Growing up I remember playing this game with my sisters in the “front room” of our home. It’s the only place Mom and Dad would let us play indoors. I think because it wasn’t the main living area of the house. On warm days I remember sitting outside and playing it. It’s a game that Dad taught us. He played it when he was growing up. It’s funny looking back on it now because there is no way I’d play it today. I’m not into getting wet just for guessing a color correctly! Although, I do have to say that I will be teaching it to my boys in hope that they will grow up with fond memories of it too.

Congratulations to Jackie on having the Layout of the Week for Logbook Challenge Week #4. She will receive 10 bonus points through our Real Deal Book Club Rewards Program. Be sure to check out the other layouts in the Week #4 challenge gallery … there are lots of wonderful memories of favorite family activities shared there!

Be sure to check our Blog tomorrow for information on the Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge, our new month-long challenge that will begin Monday, February 1st! Included in tomorrow’s post will be information on how you can get a jump-start on the challenge and earn bonus points simply for helping to spread the word about this fun event. See you then!

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