Story Board~1.27.10

You’re in for a special treat in this week’s Story Board, brought to you courtesy of our lead Calendar Girl of the month, Heather Guenther! Get ready to be inspired with these fantastic examples of “real life” scrapbooking and commentary by Heather …

"Love Letter" by taracotta7

Love the heartfelt journaling and the appearance of a handwritten letter. These days, we often so many more emails than letters that there is something extra special about the look of a handwritten letter to me.

"Eating Dirt" by ahillo5

Love the pops of teal with the neutral color palette. A little dirt never hurt, but oh my, finding a brown recluse would definitely be the last time I went near that area too.

"Happiness" by kaleandkiara

I really love the monotone coloring to this layout with just a tiny bit of color. The black and white photo against the gray page is very striking and soothing at the same time. I love the documenting of such an everyday moment and how it touches her heart so dearly.

"Snow Play" by hondachicc

I wish I had documentation of these types of days as a child as the memories are so faded at my age now. I really like how the photos are laid out with the framing and touch of metallic look in the circles to give it that touch of texture, cold weather touch.

"Seven Random Thoughts" by nininano

Wonderful list of 7 random thoughts and I love the clean color palette and design. The blended image with it is very powerful. A great page for looking back on later and remembering the random thoughts we have everyday.

"Nini's Spotlight" by schneeflocke

Another in the 7 random thoughts challenge. Again, I adore the simple use of a single color to bring a page alive. Seeing these pages, I think it would be wonderful to add a seven random thoughts page monthly to my projects to see how a year of random thoughts would look at the end of it.

"All About Me" by saintamara

I love the reflective journaling of this page, as well the blending and coordinating images. The effect is a very soothing, reflective feel to the page.

"Chaos Theory" by Mindy Hanson

How can you not be drawn in by that photo and want to read the journaling? The journaling is great and hopefully was very therapeutic for her dealing with everything that she is dealing with. I love her sense of humor in the photo and can see myself feeling that way at times, too.

"Emerson" by digikiwichick

I adore the colors of this page as well as the simple yet striking design styling. The questions and answers are a great way to capture how your kids are feeling at this particular moment in their lives. I especially adore how she added in the “runs off to check” in her journaling as to whether her room was messy or clean. It gives it that touch more personality and memory to smile about years from now.

"Together We Stand" by ANJnMDS

The design of this page drew me in and then reading it, I was deeply affected. Beautiful journaling about the unfortunate events that have happened, but also a cheerful, hopeful page in the personal way that their lives were touched.

"Secret Recipe" by chengie

Beautiful photo and love the journaling to go with the empty recipe card. There is no doubt from this that it is a wonderful, treasured family recipe which is to remain secret.

Thanks, Heather, for sharing these great finds from around the Web! Check back next Wednesday for even more inspiration … and until then, happy scrapping!
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  1. Hondachicc (Linda) says:

    What an honor to have my page featured here among these gorgeous layouts! Thank you so very much!!

  2. Hondachicc (Linda) says:

    What an honor to have my page featured here among these gorgeous layouts! Thank you so very much!!

  3. Thanks for featuring my layout! 🙂

  4. Thanks for featuring my layout! 🙂

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