365 Chances To Get Published!

{Please note… the way in which Yearbook layouts are selected has been changed since this was originally posted. The following information no longer applies.}

Back to normal? Found some time to scrap a bit of your “real” life? I hope so, because I’m ready for you to start sending me your best pages!

Our first Log Your Memory Real Life Scrapbooking Idea Yearbook will be published next January … and you have 365 chances between now and then to have at least one of YOUR best pages featured in that book!


Here’s how it works …

  1. Scrap your everyday life as you are living it today. The good, the bad, the in-between. The exciting and the hum-drum. The stories you want to remember for later.
  2. Keep track of every product used on your pages, including kit and designer names, as well as where you purchased them. You are welcome to use templates as long as you include them on your supplies & credits list.
  3. Before you post your pages anywhere online or submit them anywhere else – including here on our site – pick out a couple favorites. The ones you’re really proud of that you’d love to share with others. Make sure they are timely. (ie. If you’re submitting for January, your pages should focus on things that happen or that are on your mind in January.)
  4. Download this file, which includes information on how to apply.
  5. Fill out the application form for each of those favorite layouts that you’d like to submit – one form per layout.
  6. Submit the form, along with your layout (image specifications included with form), no later than midnight (MTN) on February 5, 2010, to be considered for the January winners.
  7. Don’t share your submitted layouts with anyone, post them anywhere online (including your blog, Facebook, Shutterfly Share, Flickr, etc.), or submit them to any other contest, publication call, etc. until after the winners have been announced for that month. In other words, we want the layouts featured in the Yearbook to be brand new, never-before-seen by the public. You know … a surprise!
  8. Check back here on February 11th to find out if any of your layouts has been selected for the book!
  9. Get busy scrapping for the next month’s contest!


If one of your layout(s) is chosen…

  • Your name will be announced among the January winners … 31 in all!yearbook-criteria
  • You will be asked to sign a release form granting Log Your Memory publishing and online posting rights to your layout (more information about this is included on the entry form).
  • You will receive a $10 gift certificate good toward the purchase of any downloadable item from our on-site store.
  • You could be the ONE person that is chosen as our featured artist for the month … if so,  you will be featured prominently in that month’s section in the book PLUS you will receive a $25 cash prize, in addition to the $10 gift certificate.


Other points of interest …

  • Entries may be paper or digital. However, to have a chance of being selected, images of paper layouts must be a good quality scan or a very high quality photo of the layout and have all background cropped out. Scrapbook layouts of any size and orientation will be considered. Cards or other items, however, are not eligible.
  • Entries may be single-page or double-spread layouts.
  • This contest will be repeated every month. Submissions for a given month will always be due by midnight on the 5th of the following month, with winners announced around the 10th-13th. There will be one winner for every day of the given month. One of those winners will also be selected as the featured artist for the month.
  • You may only have one layout chosen per month, but you are welcome to enter as many times as you’d like. You may win during more than one month.
  • Once each month’s winners have been announced, you are welcome to do whatever you’d like with your layouts that were NOT selected, including posting them to online galleries, submitting them to other contests, etc.
  • If, by chance, there are not enough entries during any given month to select enough winners for the month, we reserve the right to supplement the book with layouts created from other sources, such as our Creative Team.
  • This project will only succeed with lots of participation! So, if you’d love a chance to be published, please help us spread the word! Help us make this a Log Your Memory annual tradition!

Now … get busy scrapping and sending me those pages! I can’t wait to see your entries!


Questions? Feel free to post them in a comment below or privately via the Contact Us page. This contest information is also posted in our forum under the tab “Yearbook Contest,” as shown below:

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  1. Oooh fun! A yearbook! 🙂

  2. Oooh fun! A yearbook! 🙂

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