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It’s Going to be Sweet!

If you love scrapbooking and could use a little extra motivation to help you get your real life stories onto your pages, you’re going to love hanging out with us in February! Throughout the entire month, we will be featuring a fun challenge focused entirely on journaling. In addition to being inspired to journal in […]

Playing by the Rules

It seems like we all have fond memories of at least one childhood game. Sometimes we don’t recall how the game started, and as adults, the rules may seem a bit strange. But something about that early experience sticks with us and creates a story we want to share with others and if possible, replicate […]

What’s Your Backup Plan?

As someone who enjoys a great photo of my kids much more than an expensive piece of jewelry or fancy new gadget, there’s one thing that used to keep me awake at night with worry … the fear of losing our thousands of digital photos to fire, computer malfunction or other similar trauma. I had […]

Story Board~1.27.10

You’re in for a special treat in this week’s Story Board, brought to you courtesy of our lead Calendar Girl of the month, Heather Guenther! Get ready to be inspired with these fantastic examples of “real life” scrapbooking and commentary by Heather … Love the heartfelt journaling and the appearance of a handwritten letter. These […]

10 Things to Love, Plus a Freebie!

Thinking about doing something a little extra special for Valentine’s Day? There’s still time, if you get started right away. Personalized hybrid mini-albums are among my favorite items to give, particularly the ones I put together last year for my husband, two boys and oldest daughter. Each album, called “10 Things I Love About You,” […]

LYM: New and Improved

If you just couldn’t wait until today to visit the new and improved forum and gallery, you were not alone! After a couple intense days of tweaking, crossing my fingers, scouring help forums, drinking gallons of coffee, and even a little praying, our site is back up and running at full throttle. I hope you’ll […]

While You Were Out

My husband likes to tease me that my mode of home improvement is along the styles of “While You Were Out.” In other words, I like to keep big room makeovers and other such projects a total secret, doing lots of prep and planning behind the scenes, and then complete the whole project in one […]

Letting the Music Speak

Journaling is sometimes the most difficult part of scrapping our real lives, particularly when the topic is very personal. But sometimes you can let someone else do much of the talking for you, particularly if there is a song that really conveys the message you are hoping to send. Such is the case with “When […]

Worth Every Moment

I’m always curious to hear the “why” behind why others have chosen to practice the art of scrapbooking. So when I received the following email in response to this post, I asked the author, Annette, if it would be okay if I shared her story with you, as well. I was thrilled when she accepted. […]

Story Board~1.20.10

It’s time for another round of “real life” scrapbooking inspiration! Check out these great finds from neighboring galleries this week… In “Being Your Mom,” misfitinmn goes beyond the cute baby photo to share insights into what it’s really like to be a new mom, from the pure exhaustion to the complete pride and adoration. A […]