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I’m excited today to share an interview with Calendar Girl Becki Wright, aka “Becki” on our site. You’ll soon recognize her clean and simple style if you spend a little time in our Layout Gallery and you’ll find out what a sweetie she is once you get to know her through the forum. Becki will take the lead on the Creative Team next November.


Becki Wright (becki)

Becki Wright (Becki)

Name: Becki Wright

Username: Becki

Location: Kansas City, MO

Please tell us a little about yourself … your family, your pets,  your background… I am a stay-at-home wife and mother, and we homeschool our daughter Kate. She is a total animal lover, so we have 2 dogs and a cat. We are active in our church and the small community in which we live. Photography and scrapping are my number one hobbies, but I also love to cook from scratch and sew. I also recently learned to crochet.

How long have you been a scrapbooker & how did you first get started? I began digi scrapping in October 2003, I was never a paper scrapper. I started by creating a page with photos of our daughter’s first loose tooth and some text and showed it to our dentist. It kind of snowballed from there. I didn’t realize it was a real hobby until I saw the very first Digital Scrapbooking magazine issue a few weeks later.

How has your scrapbooking changed since that time? In the beginning, I fell into the trap of trying to make my layouts look like everyone else’s, and at the time, collage was very popular. And I was very focused on getting caught up so my pages were a chore, and in the end I didn’t like them. Today, I have embraced that I love SIMPLE clean layouts. And I scrap when and what I am inspired by. I have enough layouts done that my daughter would have a good reminder of her overall childhood. Every moment, no, but it is enough.

What fills your time when you are NOT scrapbooking? Homeschooling and family life.

How do you choose what to include in your scrapbooks? By whatever inspires me at the time, no pressure.

What types of materials do you use when you scrapbook? I am an all digital girl for scrapping but I occasionally make hybrid gifts for the holidays.

Where do you find inspiration for your pages? Mostly blogs, galleries and magazines.

Who are your scrapbooking role models? That’s easy – Cathy Zielske, my scrapping idol who my style is most like, Ali Edwards who believes in pictures +words, and Stacy Julian who taught me all about the Big Picture. These ladies have all three shaped my scrapping into what it is today and I couldn’t be more thankful to them.

What is something your scrapbooking friends probably don’t know about you? Hmmmm. Not sure.

What is on your scrapbooking “wish list”? I would really like a cutter like a Sillouette, that uses any font on my computer to cut alphas for hybrid things.

What is your favorite quote? “Life has little bits of magic at nearly every turn, if you’re looking closely enough. Scrapbooking has refined my senses. It’s made me hungry to use it before I lose it. It’s made me remember that I don’t remember what it was like to be nine years old. And that I will never live in a Pottery Barn house. And that as tiny as I am in the scope of the universe, no one lives a life like mine. Not even the people whose meals I cook, whose laundry I fold, and whose cheeks I kiss at night.”
~ Cathy Zielske (Clean and Simple Scrapbooking – The Sequel)

What do you hope future viewers of your scrapbooks will gain from your pages? How much our family loved each other and being together.

What is your best tip for fellow scrapbookers? Find you own style and scrap things that make you happy.

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