A Special Gift Remembered

Ever received a gift that meant far more to you than its monetary value? The story behind that gift is perfect scrapbooking material.

This was the case for today’s Layout of the Week – “The Truck” by Calendar Girl Alyson Hall. Check out the story and you’ll see what I mean …

The Truck by aly321

"The Truck" by aly321

Casey is such a hard person to buy gifts for. He loves to be able to just get exactly what he wants, without anyone else worrying about it. This year for Christmas his sister found an old Tonka truck on eBay that was just like the one he had as a kid. He used to play with it for hours, and called the horses that came with it “Pones.” It was the perfect present. I was so excited for Christmas morning. As he opened the gift, tears came to his eyes as he remembered his childhood. He loved the gift. He kept it on a high shelf for a while, but then decided he wanted his kids to enjoy it as much as he had. Now it is his son’s favorite toy, and he loves to play with the “Pones” just like his daddy did.

Now THAT is the spirit of Christmas.

Aly’s page was inspired by this week’s Weekly Challenge in the December 2009 version of the Memory Logbook. Though this week’s prompt was “The five gifts that have meant the most to me so far in life…”, you can see that Aly took her own spin on the question, which is exactly what the Logbook was designed for.

Book Club members can find Aly’s page in the Logbook Sample Layout Gallery inside this week’s Challenge album, as well as several other wonderful examples created by our Calendar Girls. I invite all of you who are following along with the Logbook and creating challenge-based pages yourself to upload your layouts to that album so we can all enjoy and comment on them. It’s amazing how much inspiration can be found both by viewing the other pages in the album and sharing your own. There are no deadlines involved in the Logbook Weekly Challenges, so feel free to post your pages for each week at any time as you complete them. I would love to feature YOUR page as our next Layout of the Week!

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