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I knew when I first saw Rebecca Kuchenbecker’s lovely, journaling-filled layouts that I wanted her on our Creative Team … and everything I’ve learned about her since that time has only confirmed my choice. (It doesn’t hurt that we share the same favorite all-time quote!) This Calendar Girl will take the lead in September, but you’ll find her inspiring pages and comments everywhere on our site under the username “MamaBee.” Read on and learn more about this amazing lady!



Rebecca Kuchenbecker (MamaBee)

NameRebecca Kuchenbecker


Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

Please tell us a little about yourself … your family, your pets,  your backgroundHi! I’m Rebecca… known as MamaBee in the forums.  I am happily married to my best friend, David, for the last 5 years… and we have a precocious 2 ½ year old son.  I have a degree in communication and have spent almost 10 years working as a Computer Software Instructor and Documentation Specialist. It was my dream job however I traveled a lot… and I am very blessed to have a supportive husband, who encouraged me to hang up my corporate hat and stay home to capture our son’s every move as he grows.

How long have you been a scrapbooker & how did you first get started?  About 10 years… I had a 9 week short term assignment in England for work and it was a trip of a lifetime for me.  My step-dad let me borrow his new digital camera that saved pictures onto 3.25 floppy disks!! When I got home I had over 600 photos and a box full of memorabilia. I wanted a chance to write down all our inside jokes and all our experiences we had in a creative way. I remember seeing a show on HGTV where they showed scrapbooking and I took my first trip to Hobby Lobby… and my obsession with the hobby began.

How has your scrapbooking changed since that time? Well… I don’t use decorative scissors on my photos anymore… LOL!  Looking back at that first album, I was so nervous about my writing that I copied passages from my travel guide to explain the photos, not my thoughts or impressions of what it was like being there.  Now, for all the layouts that go into the family scrapbook, they have to have some sort of journaling on it to explain why the photo was taken and what story I am trying to tell.

What fills your time when you are NOT scrapbookingBeing a loving mama and wife are my number one priority. I do love to cook… and I love to cook big meals! I am a bit old school in that my measurements are a pinch of this, palmful of that… which means that I’m a horrible baker!

How do you choose what to include in your scrapbooks? One of the main reasons as to why I scrapbook is that I have a horrible short-term memory… so I choose the events I want to remember. Funny little things that my son says, important milestones the family goes through, and general everyday happenings. I think it is fun to look back and see how things have changed… even if it’s a different packaging of the laundry soap.

What types of materials do you use when you scrapbook As of this year, I’m 100% digital, however have been known to pick up the glue and scissors to dabble in hybrid.  I do love bound books and will have my layouts for a certain event such as vacations bound into a book. For my everyday memories, I send them to be printed and then placed them into 3-ring binders.

Where do you find inspiration for your pages?  When life gets crazy, I force myself to stop and count my blessings… in doing so, my creative juices start flowing with the ideas that I want to capture. I am also very blessed to be able to create for amazing designers and I’m always inspired and creatively pushed by my other team members.

Who are your scrapbooking role models?   Hmm… that’s hard to narrow down. My role models are those that scrap from the heart. You see on their page the love that they have for their family and for this craft.  Two that come to mine are Lynnette Penacho aka Nettio and Ali Edwards.

What is something your scrapbooking friends probably don’t know about you? My IRL friends don’t even know this…  I’m a very shy person and getting shyer the older I get… yet, if you put me front of large groups of people to give a presentation it does not scare me… but put me in a situation with people I don’t know and I have to chit chat… I’m sneaking closer and closer to the exit.

What is on your scrapbooking “wish list”My husband would say there isn’t a list, it’s a novel!  But I would love to take some photography classes… understanding how to use my camera, lighting, etc.

What is your favorite quote? One of my favorite all time quotes is: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your break away.”

~ Maya Angelou

What do you hope future viewers of your scrapbooks will gain from your pages? I’m leaving a legacy and I want others to see what my family was like and how we lived during the “turn of the century.”  My husband’s mother passed away when he was 10 and many stories of him growing up are lost… I do not want that for my son.

What is your best tip for fellow scrapbookersThe best tip I have is be yourself in your scrapping… don’t be afraid to write what you are thinking and feeling – you will be happy that you did.

Anything else you’d like to add?  I would like to thank Kristin for this awesome opportunity to be a Calendar Girl and I hope that I will be able to inspire others out there to scrap their everyday memories!

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