Story Board~12.2

It’s Story Board time again … and I found lots of great examples of real life scrapbooking to share with you today, some holiday-related and others not so much. Get ready to be inspired …

Perhaps Christmas by busy.butterfly

"Perhaps Christmas" by busy.butterfly

The older I get, the more I relate to “Perhaps Christmas” by busy.butterfly. I love the statement she makes and the way she incorporated that well-known Dr. Seuss tale into her journaling. There’s no photo here, but it works … what’s important here is the story and I love how it takes center stage.

Ill Still Complain by Lynn G

"I'll Still Complain" by Lynn G

“I’ll Still Complain” by Lynn G totally cracks me up … because I can see the exact same situation happening with my own kids! Including the conversation within the journaling really paints a picture we can all relate to … and what a cutie!

iKindle by d2vasquez

"iKindle" by d2vasquez

The fun design of “iKindle” by d2vasquez first attracted me to this page, but it was the story that made me choose it for today’s feature. This journaling says a lot about this mom, from her love of books to the way she is using modern technology to make her life work. Someday her family will look back and chuckle at her “old fashioned” way of reading books!!

It Never Ends by tkelley

"It Never Ends" by tkelley

There’s not much more “real” than laundry and the way it sure seems that “It Never Ends”!!! Love the little clothespins and laundry embellies. And those photos simply tell the story – I feel overwhelmed just looking at them! I could almost swear tkelley was in my house taking those photos!!

Merry & Bright by stampin_rachel

"Merry & Bright" by stampin_rachel

“Merry & Bright” by stampin_rachel includes a descriptive little story about how her kids enjoy holiday music and shares the fun little details we don’t think we’ll ever forget, but sadly do seem to lose over time if we don’t get them documented. “Have a holly jolly Christmas this year … bow.” How cute is that!?!

School Girls by mrsaboyer

"School Girls" by mrsaboyer

“School Girls” by mrsaboyer is a great example of scrapbooking  real life in a way that is authentic without being overly negative. Mom shares her “mixed feelings” here instead of portraying everything as “perfect,” but what really comes through is her love and pride in her little girls.

86 Christmas and Still Counting by cherpea

"86 Christmas' and Still Counting" by cherpea

I enjoyed the fun angle taken by cherpea in telling the story “86 Christmas’ and Still Counting.”  A focus on one special person and a fun memory, with a little humor mixed in along the way.

Everyday Moments by becca1976

"Everyday Moments" by becca1976

“Everyday Moments” by becca1976 is a fun look at a rather unique way of attending school for this little girl. There’s just enough detail to tell the story without going into great lengths about the less significant details. A great example at capturing a slice of real life!

Obsession by Nzingha

"Obsession" by Nzingha

I’m guessing that “Obsession” by Nzingha rings a bit too true for a lot of us. I love that this scrapbooker took the time to document the pitfalls of her passion and how she is dealing with them. Another good example of sharing the not-so-perfect side of life.

I Just Want to Play by bre11414

"I Just Want to Play" by bre11414

I always enjoy a page focused on how someone felt growing up and “I Just Want to Play” by bre11414 is a great example. The design fits the journaling and the story perfectly … and the photo is awfully cute, too!

November 2009 by kellyos

"November 2009" by kellyos

“November 2009” (above) and “Another Look at November” (below) are both by the same artist, but I wanted to share them both because kellyos offers such clever & fun ways to capture a month’s worth of memories all at once. I especially like the fact that while both pages highlight the same time period, they are so very different. A great resource as we head toward a New Year and make plans for how we might want to approach our 2010 scrapping.

Another Look at November by kellyos

"Another Look at November" by kellyos

That wraps up this week’s Story Board! Hopefully you’ve found enough inspiration today to keep you busy scrapping for at least a week! Now, if we could only find some TIME to scrap…

Don’t forget to stop by the December Challenge forum and participate in today’s activity! Every day you play is another chance at winning our $50 gift certificate on January 1st! Remember – only responses made on the day of the actual question will be included in that’s day’s tickets! See our December 1st post for contest details.

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  1. mrsaboyer says:

    Hooray, thank you so much for featuring my LO! Don’t look too hard, there’s a typo. Yes, I am proud of my girls, and I’m glad that’s what shows.
    Great site!

  2. Hooray, thank you so much for featuring my LO! Don’t look too hard, there’s a typo. Yes, I am proud of my girls, and I’m glad that’s what shows.
    Great site!

  3. I like this forum 🙂 kids microscope

  4. I like this forum 🙂 kids microscope

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