Let the Holiday Fun Begin!


I just love it when December finally arrives each year.

Christmas was always a big deal in my house growing up and continues to be important for our entire family. Every year, Mom goes to great length to decorate the house for the holidays.  As kids, we usually made a paper chain to count down the days until Santa arrived. Today my own kids have two countdown calendars – one is a wooden tree with numbered stars that hang on little nails. The other is a wooden Santa holding numbered tags. If I don’t get the house decorated before December 1st, my oldest son hounds me constantly until it gets done, simply because that’s when I pull out those countdown calendars.


Compounding the excitement for me personally each December is the fact that my birthday falls right between Christmas and New Years. I always loved that I never had to go to school on my birthday, which helped balance out the frustration at having a tough time some years getting friends to help me celebrate because they were all out of town with their families for the holidays. This year is no exception and I’m looking forward to the Christmas week fun, except that as my husband has been reminding me for over a year now, this birthday’s a “big” one.  Ha ha.


This year, December has totally crept up on me. Maybe it’s because we have absolutely no snow on the ground right now and unusually warm temperatures outside. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving seems to be later this year. Or maybe I’ve just been so busy with Log Your Memory that time has slipped by more quickly than usual. Whatever the reason, I thought it might help get me … and all of you … in the Christmas spirit by hosting a special contest this month focused on the holidays.


So… today we kick off our first “December Challenge,” a month-long opportunity to participate in Christmas & December-related questions, polls & other activities with a chance to win a special prize on New Year’s Day. Here’s how it works:

  • Each day, you’ll find a new question, prompt, poll or other activity posted in the special December Challenge forum.
  • Simply reply to each day’s item by doing whatever you are asked to do … don’t worry, it won’t be difficult and it will help get you in the holiday spirit!  Generally all that will be required is a quick answer to a question… and if you choose, you can go back at the end of the month and collect all your answers for some great December scrapbooking material! These items might also be helpful to you if you are working on a December Daily project.
  • Many of the questions will be Christmas-related. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you are still welcome to participate. Simply respond to the questions in whatever way makes sense for you … and feel free to tweak the question to make it work for you.
  • At the end of each day, I will go through the responses to that day’s question and write the name of each participant on a separate ticket and toss it in a bucket. You are welcome to participate in a particular day’s question after that day is over, however only those who take part on the day the question is posted will be included in that day’s tickets. When in question, the date & time shown on the actual forum posts/replies will be what is used to determine eligibility.
  • You may participate as many times as you’d like for each day’s question, however only one time will be counted per day. The more days you play, the more tickets – and chances at winning – you’ll have!
  • On January 1st, we will draw one name from the bucket … and that will be our special prize winner!

And what is the special prize? Our lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate good for anything available for purchase directly from our on-site store. This gift certificate will not expire, so it could be used for current or future downloadable books or workshops, even next year’s Memory Logbook! Several new products are in the planning stages, so this prize will come in very handy for our winner!

Today’s question is ready and waiting for you! So head on over to the December Challenge forum and join in the fun!


For those of you looking for the Facebook Fan Site Scavenger Hunt that was planned to launch today, I apologize. The event as planned was canceled, with a much smaller, less organized version taking its place later this month. I have decided not to participate in that replacement event. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you…

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  1. winkasheart says:

    When I click on the link it keeps taking me to this message—error—either the area you want isn’t here or you don’t have access. And when I go to the site, I can’t find it when just go to the forum either.

  2. winkasheart says:

    When I click on the link it keeps taking me to this message—error—either the area you want isn’t here or you don’t have access. And when I go to the site, I can’t find it when just go to the forum either.

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