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Today we get to learn more about another Calendar Girl …the busy homeschooling “mommato7” Alisa Schenk. Alisa will take the lead on the Creative Team in March, but she’s already been busy creating lots of wonderful sample layouts for our gallery and playing an active role in the Community Forum, in addition to managing her active family and educating all those little ones.

Read on and find out how she manages to get so much done!!



Alisa Schenck (mommato7)

Name: Alisa Schenck

Username: mommato7

Location: Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

Please tell us a little about yourself … your family, your pets,  your backgroundI have been married for  17 years to my best friend. We have 7 amazing children –  3 girls and 4 boys ages from 16 to 3.  We homeschool all of our children and I love having everyone home! Our house is always buzzing with projects and noise and all kinds of activity! We include scrapbooking in our school day (of course!!) and most of my kids have their own scrapbooks that they work in.

How long have you been a scrapbooker & how did you first get started? I started scrapping when my third child was born, so about 12 years. I was invited to a Creative Memories crop and I was hooked! I was a CM consultant for almost 5 years. I started digital scrapbooking in September 2008 when I took my first class at Jessica Sprague’s site. I have taken a lot more of Jessica’s classes and been hooked on digi ever since!! I still like my paper and glue though and like being able to bounce back and forth between paper and digi!

How has your scrapbooking changed since that time? Ugh! Remember the shape templates….all my photos were cut into shapes and oh! Stickers…..there were stickers scattered on every page! Now my scrapbooking is more streamlined and I know more about design and page balance than when I started. One thing that has not changed is my journaling. I have always tried to capture the story behind the pictures. Those stories I want my grandkids to be able to read.

What fills your time when you are NOT scrapbooking? My family mostly and church activities.

How do you choose what to include in your scrapbooks? I like to include the daily stories of our lives. The little events as well as the bigger ones. Our faith is very important to us and I also document how our faith grows and how we see God working in our lives.

What types of materials do you use when you scrapbook? Right now about 75% of my pages are digital. I use Photoshop Elements 6. The rest of the time I am using my paper stash! I print my own layouts on my wide format printer (love it!!) And my albums are mostly the American Craft Cloth Albums.

Where do you find inspiration for your pages? I love to surf the many galleries on the web to get ideas. I also like taking paper layouts and using them as inspiration for creating a digi page!

Who are your scrapbooking role models? I follow a few people … Ali Edwards, Jessica Sprague.

What is something your scrapbooking friends probably don’t know about you? Hmmm….since I do layouts about everything in my life I think they know it all!!! Haha!!

What is on your scrapbooking “wish list”? I’d like to get Photoshop and start learning to digi scrap with that. I like PSE but know that with PS you can do a lot more!

What is your favorite quote? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillippians 4:13

What do you hope future viewers of your scrapbooks will gain from your pages? My hope is that they will see our life as it really was, the good, the bad and the ugly. And that through it all they see that God was the thread that wove and held it all together.

What is your best tip for fellow scrapbookers? Try new things!! It keeps your scrapbooking fresh and it’s fun to learn new skills!

Anything else you’d like to add? Get your stories down….don’t wait for the perfect kit or inspiration. Make the time to do it because your stories are important!

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  1. Nice to learn more about you Alisa! 🙂

  2. Nice to learn more about you Alisa! 🙂

  3. winkasheart says:

    So nice to learn a little more about you Alisa!

  4. winkasheart says:

    So nice to learn a little more about you Alisa!

  5. winkasheart says:

    So nice to learn a little more about you Alisa!

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