Documenting the Roles You Play

What role or roles do you play in your daily life?? Most of us have more than one role we play in our lives. I know my greatest role is being a mom. It is a neverending job that is so full of obstacles and challenges, but it is just SO rewarding. If this was […]

Documenting the Processes That Fill Our Days

This week’s challenge has made me think about HOW I go about doing things on a daily basis. There are so many things that happen during a typical day that require a process to complete. In the process of brainstorming for this blog post, I debated writing about how I create my typical scrapbook page, […]

Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #21 Layout of the Week

Weekly Challenge #21 Theme: Time to Work, Time to Play/Share an activity through a series of photos. Selected by Challenge Team Member Melanie Riordan   This week’s theme of sharing the experience of a job or activity had me thinking of all the things that I could have shared in my daily life but, honestly, […]

Count Your Everyday Blessings: What would you miss?

Three years ago, my husband and I moved 2,000 miles from Utah to Massachusetts. In May, my husband will graduate from school and we are moving back to Utah to be with our families. With this chapter of our lives coming to a close, we’ve been surprised by the things we are already starting to […]

Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #14 Layout of the Week

Weekly Challenge #14 Theme: Life Is So Daily/Compare & contrast parts of your daily life. Selected by Challenge Team Member Paula Moore     When I was looking through the Week #14 gallery, I was amazed by all the gorgeous layouts in there. Then I came upon this one. The reason I chose this layout […]

Tips for Scrapping the Stuff You Love

Wonder sometimes how to choose which of your favorite objects to document for future remembering? Challenge Team Member Sarah Brown shares her tips for doing just that …

Take Time to Stop & Scrap the Little Stuff

In the hustle and bustle of your everyday, when’s the last time you stopped and documented those little things that make up your real life? September Calendar Girl Rebecca Kuchenbecker reflects on her own efforts to scrap those important everyday memories.

You’re going to LOL

If there’s ever been a journaling prompt likely to apply to nearly every active participant in an online community, it’s the one we tackled this week. Weekly Challenge #8 poses the question: How has your daily life changed because of the Internet? And though no two layouts are exactly alike, it’s amazing how much we […]

THIS is How She Does It!

While cruising some of my favorite neighboring forums recently, I came upon a very interesting thread highlighting how one particular scrapbooker was using her Memory Logbook in a very creative way. So I asked her to share with us just what she’s doing … When I was a teenager (back in the 80s), I liked […]