Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #24 Layout of the Week

"Then & Now" by renneke

Weekly Challenge #24 Theme: Relationships/Compare & contrast the people in your life. Selected by Challenge Team Member Kate Lewis I’ve chosen renneke’s “Then & Now” layout as this week’s Layout of the Week.       I love the items she compared about her life. I wouldn’t think to compare the number of tv’s, vcr’s. […]

Scrapping Our Differences & Similarities

"Daughter & Son" by Melanie Ritchie

You, Me, Us, Them, Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother… Our lives are full of roles we play. For week 24, our challenge is to compare and contrast the people in our lives. For me, I chose my son and daughter and compared their family resemblance, their bonds with their parents, and the way they interacted with […]

Real Life Inspiration:Weekly Challenge #14 Layout of the Week

Weekly Challenge #14 Theme: Life Is So Daily/Compare & contrast parts of your daily life. Selected by Challenge Team Member Paula Moore     When I was looking through the Week #14 gallery, I was amazed by all the gorgeous layouts in there. Then I came upon this one. The reason I chose this layout […]

Using Comparisons to Document Life’s Changes

As a social studies teacher, I have my students compare and contrast cultures, geography, and history nearly every day. In scrapbooking, creating these comparisons is a great way to really get a feeling of change.  It helps to put today’s experiences and feelings into a perspective against where we’ve come from or where we’ve been. […]

Two Sides to the Story

Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge moves right along today with yet another method of journaling to test out on your scrapbook pages. If you haven’t completed the first four challenges yet – creating a list, using the ABCs, sharing a conversation and incorporating a fairy tale – don’t worry. You have until March 3rd to […]