Answers to Your 2012 Memory Logbook Questions

As is usually the case, yesterday’s release of the 2012 Memory Logbook elicited a great deal of feedback (thank you for all the nice comments!!!) as well as several questions from curious shoppers.

Because I know there are many others who have similar questions, I thought I’d answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions here today…

2012 Memory Logbook - Print Coilbound Edition

Why might I want to purchase the loose-leaf edition rather than the coil-bound edition?  The loose-leaf edition offers some of the best benefits of both the print coil-bound and downloadable editions … you avoid the hassles involved with downloading and printing your own book, but enjoy the ability to rearrange, add, subtract, duplicate or customize your book however you wish.

The loose pages also allow you to break the book down into smaller, more durable and more portable chunks, perhaps quarterly or monthly, as the full print book is approximately 1.5 inches thick with a laminated (outside only) cardstock cover. This is the heaviest cover we were able to offer with the current printer, which depending upon your memory keeping style may or may not be as sturdy as you might like. Loose pages enable you to choose your own binding and cover, allowing for choices such as heavier weight chipboard, designer planning binders such those offered by Franklin Covey, or other options which are not feasible using our current manufacturing process.


What is the difference between the regular 2012 Memory Logbook and the Week-At-A-Glance version? The Week-At-A-Glance version was designed for those who do not want or need a daily calendar page. With the exception of January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012, the daily calendar pages have been replaced by a single page to represent each week, which is situated opposite the weekly sketch page. Additionally, to accommodate the resulting layout changes in the book, the Week-At-A-Glance version has far fewer blank lined journaling pages. The Week-At-A-Glance version has 170 pages, versus 492 in the regular version, and is available only as a 8.5×11 download. You can preview the full Week-At-A-Glance version HERE.


Are you offering a half-year edition this year like you did last year? No… we are only offering the full-year version of the Memory Logbook this year. It has become cost-prohibitive to offer multiple print versions with our move to a new printer, which we did so that we could offer new features such as the tabbed dividers and loose-leaf options.


Why aren’t there journaling lines on the daily calendar pages?  The daily calendar pages were designed to be as easily customizable as possible, allowing individual memory keepers to use them for a wide variety of purposes. The large blank area is conducive to sketching, doodling, pasting in photos, stamping, adding Smash Book-type extras, etc. in addition to standard journaling. If you prefer journaling lines in that space, you might consider using a lined journaling stamp (such as this one by Ali Edwards) to add your own lines.


Will add-on pages be made available in the future?  Yes, we do plan to offer additional pages for the Memory Logbook sometime in December to provide for even further customization. These will be available via a premium membership subscription opportunity on our site, also slated to be revealed in December. Stay tuned for details…


Is is possible to see more photos of the new print products? Yes… we are still in the final production stages with our printer, but hope to have additional photos of both the Memory Logbook and Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule available soon… hopefully within just days. Keep an eye on the blog, shop and our Facebook page for these updates.


Have a question we didn’t answer yet? Share it through a comment below and we’ll get it answered for you…

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