On Making the Weekly Challenge Work for YOU

I’ve always been a rules follower and have a hard time even bending the rules most of the time. I know when I first started doing the Log Your Memory challenges, I would take them literally. If a challenge said to scrap a particular theme, then that is exactly what I was going to do. If a challenge didn’t work for me and my scrapping, then and only then would I allow myself to use one of the variations.

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown Challenge Team

I love that the Memory Logbook includes these variations, but I’ve also recently found that it’s ok to just let the challenge inspire you if the topic isn’t something you need, or even want to scrap.

This week’s main challenge is about scrapping generations. I’ve created lots of pages on this topic, from my four generations page shortly after my daughter was born, to comparing my daughter and myself at the same age, to a page about how my mother helped shape me into the person I am today. I’ve even scrapped about the family that isn’t really family, but fills a role as a surrogate mom and dad.

I looked over the variations and was a little inspired about how family life is different today than it has been in the past and then this inspiration took me even further to talk about my daughter and nephew’s relationship. It’s still a bit of a variant from how family life is different today, but with so many people moving away from where they were born and raised (or from where they raised their children), and with a photo I was dying to scrap, I came up with this page.

"These Two" by Sarah Brown

"These Two" by Sarah Brown

I love that even if you don’t follow the Weekly Challenges or the printed variations exactly, you can still be inspired by the challenge to scrap a layout you love.

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