Scrapping a Job, Start to Finish

Paula Moore, Challenge Team

Paula Moore Challenge Team

This week at Log Your Memory, the theme is centered around doing a job and documenting it through a series of photos. I love this idea because you can see something from the beginning to the end of a project. I can think of so many things that you can do this for.

One idea that I have in mind is to scrapbook the tamale-making process. I have so many people ask me about my tamales, and I thought doing a layout about it would be the perfect solution. You could also do this for any number of things.

To give you some ideas, let’s take a look at some layouts that the Log Your Memory community has uploaded into the gallery so far.


In this layout titled “Edible Science” by Cherry Limeade, she documented a fun science project that she did with her kids. She took a series of photos and put them on her layout. She showed the process of the project and in the future, when her kids are older, they can look back at this layout and remember the good times they had while doing the project. It’s important to scrap fun school projects as we do them with our kids or even our grandkids.


In this layout titled “Monkey Bars” by knlchevys, she documented her son climbing the monkey bars. I love this idea, because it is just a daily activity that her son does, but she scrapped it. It just goes to show that we don’t always have to scrap just the big events in our lives… oftentimes it’s the small, everyday events that will bring back the sweetest of memories.


This layout titled “Rambling River Project” by flowersgal documents a big project of creating a quilt of drawings of a local river. I love all the photos on this, and to see each individual square next to all the others. This is a great example of how she documented a community project. We don’t always have to scrap just family events… big community events like this are worth remembering, and I love that she created a layout about it.


This layout by Julie Ann Shahin titled “Alter It” is a perfect example of how she scrapped a hobby. I love how she has a before shot of the project, and then the during shot, and the after shot. This is a good example of what I was talking about with my tamales idea. If you have a hobby that you enjoy and you want to share the steps with someone, then why not scrap it?


I love this layout titled “How To Play at the Park” by editorialdragon. She took a daily activity that she enjoys with her kiddos and scrapped the experience. I love the journaling and how she explains what they do while they are at the park. This is the perfect example of scrapping a recreational activity. When her kiddos are older, they will love seeing this layout about a nice day at the park with mommy.

As you can see, you can scrap just about anything in a series of photos and make it fresh and fun. I hope this post inspires you. Now, get out that camera and start taking photos.


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